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Truck Tool Boxes – Complete Buyer’s Guide

truck tool boxes

Why You Need a Truck Tool BoxTruck tool boxes are an incredibly useful addition to your truck. Leaving your tools in the back seat can ruin your truck’s interior, and makes it difficult when transporting colleagues or family members. But, leaving your tools in the bed of your truck isn’t much better. In the back of your truck, your tools...

What You Need to Know Before Trying Raptor Liner

raptor liner

Looking to get your truck ready for the next four wheeling season? Many consumers are turning to raptor liner to protect their truck beds. They’ve quickly become one of the bestselling spray in bed liner manufacturers on the market. But what exactly is it? And what kind of results should you expect? We’ll be taking an in-depth look at...

The Best RV Battery

the best rv battery

We’re all familiar with the batteries that are used to start our vehicles. Just pop into your local automotive shop and they’ll tell you exactly which one is right for your vehicle. But when it comes time to find the best RV battery, the choice isn’t always so simple. The one that you install depends a lot on how...

Liquid Snow Shovel – What it is and Why you need it

liquid snow shovel

Liquid Snow Shovel - What it is, and Why you need itThe struggles of snow clearing are all too real for those of us who reside in cold, snowy towns and cities. Clearing snow is time consuming, laborious and well, wouldn’t you just rather be doing something else with your time? New snow shovels and scoops work pretty well,...

Best Splitting Maul – Top 4 Wood Splitting Mauls

best splitting maul

Splitting Mauls are a great tool for chopping wood. We’ve compiled the best models for you to compare in our best splitting maul reviews. Use the quick comparison chart below, and check out the full reviews further down to help make an informed choice  and pick the right one for you!Price Rating Key Features DrawbacksGransfors Bruks Splitting Maul***** Swedish Quality, Overstrike collar, 4.5lbs head PriceFiskars Splitting Maul**** Shock-absorbing...

Choosing The Best Battery Powered Weed Eater of 2017

best battery powered weed eater

Spring is just around the corner, meaning sunshine and flowers are on their way. But summer also brings tall grass and annoyingly persistent weeds. The perfect way to get rid of those weeds and keep your lawn neat and tidy, is by picking up the best battery powered weed eater you can get your hands on. Cordless weed eaters...

Wire Stripping Machines For Any Budget

wire stripping machines

If you're in the construction or demolition industry, you'll know just how valuable copper wires can be. Some tradesmen often find themselves with hundreds of pounds of scraps left over from a job. But what many people don't realize is that even if you're the homeowner, you can often negotiate to keep the scrap. Generally, you're charged for all of...

Best Log Splitter – Hydraulic Log Splitter Reviews

best log splitter

Hydraulic Log Splitter ReviewsIf you’ve spent any amount of time chopping wood, you know that it can be very physically demanding. Using an axe or maul is arduous and takes a toll on your back, knees, arms and hands. Although the activity can be fun and good exercise at first, it quickly gets old. Lifting, cutting and stacking wood takes a long...

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Best Splitting Maul – Top 4 Wood Splitting Mauls

Splitting Mauls are a great tool for chopping wood. We’ve compiled the best models for you to compare in our best splitting maul reviews. Use...
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