Choosing the Safest Power Strip for You & Your Devices (2020 update)

Updated: March 9 2020

Power strips are some of the handiest additions to your home or work station that you can buy. Is there anything more frustrating than not having a free outlet when you need? But, a power strip is not just extra outlets, but also offer protection to your devices too. In this article, we’ll review the safest power strips you can buy – for you and your devices – as well as some tips on what to look for. 

The Safest Power Strips of 2020

It’s time to get to our list of the safest power strips you can buy. For the readers who just need the best you can get, the list follows immediately. After the list we’ve included some informational content so you can learn more about power strips if you’d like.

1. Belkin’s Safest Power Strip

Belkin 12 Outlet

belkin power strip


Lifetime warranty
$300,000 device protection
Trusted brand in Belkin
3940 Joule surge protection
4′ to 10′ cord available
X No USB port



Belkin has been a trusted brand of third-party electronic accessories for ages. Although this Belkin power strip isn’t the cheapest one on the list, it’s arguably the most complete and reliable.

The entire bar is rated for 15A, and the 12 outlets ensure that you won’t run out of space, even if you have larger or oddly shaped plugs. It has a built-in 3940 joule surge protector, and a 6000V maximum surge protection – plenty for most situations.

It actually comes in a few options of cord length, from 4′ to 10′ making it versatile as much as protection. Factor in the $300,000 connected equipment coverage and lifetime warranty, and you can see why we love this Belkin power strip so much and why it’s number one on our safest power strips list, so long as you use it properly! 

2. Safest Heavy Duty Power Strip


Tripp Lite Isobar 4

heavy duty power strip


Lifetime warranty
$50,000 device protection
NEMA 5-15R AC outlets
3330 Joule surge protection rating
2x USB Ports
X Bulky design



If the Belkin power strip isn’t heavy duty enough for your needs, then this Tripp Lite will surely meet your standards. This four-outlet power strip has some great safety features built in to protect you and your devices. 

Tripp Lite has included a $50,000 device protection insurance with this strip, along with a lifetime warranty, should the power strip’s “Protected” light ever go out. It’s not as much as the Belkin but, you probably shouldn’t have more than $50k worth of devices plugged into a single power bar anyways…

Tripp Lite focused on safety first with this power strip, with an automatic shutoff built in, that permanently cuts power to the outlets if for some reason the protection circuit fails. In other words, even if a surge renders your power strip useless, the strip will still protect your devices. They’ve also got very safe NEMA 5-15R AC outlets to help protect your stuff. 

There’s also 2x USB outlets on the box, which is so handy when you can’t find a charger for your cords. It’s a little on the bulky side, but it’s what you should expect from the safest heavy duty power strip you can get. At least the right-angle plug sits flat against the wall. 


4. Safest Multi-Protection Power Strip

Bestten Heavy Duty 10 Outlet


Fireproof housing
Cable, Network and Phone protection
9ft cord, 2x USB ports
3800 Joule surge protection rating
2 year warranty
X Plug sticks out from wall, not flat/right angle
X No device protection insurance $$$ 

Next up on the list is this Bestten surge protecting power strip. It’s got our pick for multi-protection, since not only does it offer protection to 10 regular outlets, but also 2 usb ports, As well as phone and cable protection.

Surges can affect anything electrical, so even the small amount of electricity passing from network and coax cable can cause damage. It’s great to have everything plugged in to be safe, and the 9ft cord makes it versatile to put anywhere in the house. 

What makes this power strip so safe is the fireproof housing, and 3800 Joule surge protection rating. Unfortunately, there is no device protection insurance included with this power strip. But, it’s got a 2 year warranty, though again, that’s not the longest you can find. 

This power strip is well designed, with a metal housing aside from the cord which isn’t a right angle plug – if that matters to you. Otherwise it’s the safest in terms of protecting ALL your devices – anything plugged into the USB, internet, cable, phone and electrical devices. 

4. Safest Outdoor Power Strip

Bestten Outdoor Power Strip

outdoor power strip


SJTW Waterproof outlets
Spike for use outdoors
9ft cord reaches anywhere you need
6 outlets 
X Not great device protection
X No device protection insurance $$$ 

Okay, first thing’s first. There’s really no such thing as a fully rated outdoor power strip. We’re sure you’re well aware of the equation “water + electricity = bad” and that’s the kind of thing you’ll run into trying to use a power strip outdoors.

However, if you’re looking to use one that’s say, right outside your back door, on the deck, under cover, then most of the ones on this list should do fine. If you’re going to be using it outside your workshop or garage during the day while it’s dry, then this heavy duty Bestten should do the trick for you. This is probably just going to be used for lights we’d imagine, so you don’t need much more than that. 

It’s got a 9ft cord, a built-in 600 Joule surge protector a 3 year warranty. It’s metal so you don’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking easily. BUT keep in mind, it’s only waterproof if you keep the tabs closed. 

If you really do need to extend the reach of outdoor electronics, we suggest picking up a SockItBox like this one. It’s the best way to safely cover your extension cord connections and will last you in all types of weather. Otherwise, this is a great outdoor power strip for many uses, and we know you’ll get good use out of it. 

5. Safest Travel Power Strip

Ceptics Travel Power Strip


Ultra compact design
USB, USB-C inputs
6 adapters included for any part of the world (UK, US, AU, EU, JP, AE)
Protects your devices when traveling from surges and spikes 
X Not designed for African countries
X No device protection insurance $$$ 

Traveling can be stressful – what with all of the hopping around from place to place, keeping your devices safe from pick pockets – if you also have to worry about your devices blowing up from surges or power spikes!? Yikes. 

Thankfully, there are some great travel power strips like this one by Ceptics that will keep you and your devices safe. Especially since some countries’ power grids aren’t as reliable, it’s important for your devices to be protected since we rely on them so much.

This power strip is really an all-in-one, since it gives you 6 adapters for 6 different parts of the world – America/Asia, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, Japan. Plus, it’s got a USB, USB-C and two outlets so whatever you need to charge, you can do so safely and efficiently. 

This Ceptics unit is well known as the safest travel power strip you can get, and we can’t recommend it enough. 

Didn’t Find What You’re Looking for? Here’s Some More Power Strips to consider:

Tripp Lite Power Strip

Tripp Lite 7 Outlet (6 Right Angle + 1 Transformer Outlet) Surge Protector Power Strip 4ft Cord & $25K INSURANCE (TLP74RB)

Tripp Lite 7 Outlet

Tripp Lite is an American manufacturer of electronics that has been in business for almost a century. This 7 outlet Tripp Lite power strip is a great choice for most uses. It has a 15A rating, a pretty standard maximum, and a 4ft long cord to help you reach where it needs to go. An awesome feature is that the 7th socket is mounted at a right angle to the rest of the outlets, for use with larger plugs. That way you don’t have to take up another socket which can be super annoying. This Tripp Lite has a built-in 1080 Joule surge protector, backed by a lifetime warranty and a lifetime $25,000 equipment coverage. Read 3005+ More Reviews


Monster Power Strip

Monster 6 Outlet

Monster is another brand that produces high quality electronics. This 6 outlet Monster power strip is no exception. It’s rated for 15A, which is more than enough for safe use in most households. It’s got a heavy duty 4ft cable, is wall mountable and has a built-in surge protector offering 720 joules of protection. Monster also backs that with a $25,000 connected equipment warranty. 720 joules isn’t the largest, but for the price it’s a great deal. This is a great choice for most households for your work desk, TV and cable box or most other uses. Read 61+ More Reviews


Second Best Travel Power Strip

Belkin BZ103050-TVL 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports, 1-Amp/5-watt

Belkin BZ103050

Ever been in an airport, hostel or café trying to charge your phone, camera or laptop, but there are no available outlets? Chances are if you’ve done even a little travelling, you’ve run into this problem. This handy little Belkin is awesome for travellers. It has 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to charge whatever you and your travel companions.It uses a rotating standard North American plug so if you plan on using it in other countries, keep in mind you’ll need to grab a suitable adapter. It’s nice and small, With a built-in 918 Joule surge protector you can count on it to protect your devices even in areas with somewhat unreliable power sources. Plus, you can use it at home. It has a lifetime warranty and $75,000 equipment coverage which tells you how confident Belkin is in this little guy. Read 7572+ More Reviews


Best Flat Plug Power Strip


Having a flat plug power strip is extremely convenient. While many of these power bars have large, thick plugs that stick straight out from the wall, this TROND model has a low profile flat plug. The plug is about the same thickness as most household baseboards, which allows you to put a dresser or desk snug against the wall without the plug impeding it at all. The cord is 6ft long so you’re not at all limited to where you plug it in. It has 4 standard sockets, and 4 charging USB ports. A built-in 1440 Joule surge protector keeping your devices safe from power spikes, although the bar is rated for 10A of current, unlike some of the other 15A models on the list. Read 185+ More Reviews


What to Look for in a Power Strip

1. Maximum Amp Rating

The maximum amp rating dictates the maximum amount of electrical current you can safely draw through your power strip. In other words, how many electronic devices you can plug in and use safely. Most power strip models have a rating of around 15A, meaning you can safely use as many electronics as you want, as long as their total power draw doesn’t exceed that number.

For example, if your cell phone charger draws 1A, your printer draws 2A and your computer charger draws 3A, you’re well below the 15A rating of the power strip. Taking the risk and overdoing the maximum amp rating of your power strip can produce excess heat in the cables and produce shock or fire hazards.

2. Surge Protection

Not all power strips have surge protection built-in, but these days many do. Power surges are typically measure in a unit of energy called Joules. When looking at how much protection a surge protector provides for your electronics, this is what you want to look for. The higher the number, the greater the protection from surges. Power spikes can come in various sizes and while many smaller surges you don’t even notice, they can steadily degrade your electronics. You typically want to look for one with at least 700 joules of protection. If you have many more expensive electronics you are worried about, consider a larger rated one or even an entire household protector.

3. How Many Outlets do You Need?

Power strips are great for organization. Where is this power strip going to be plugged in? Your office? The kitchen? Beside your bed? The number of outlets can range from 3 upwards of 12. Of course remember that no matter how many sockets it has, you probably shouldn’t use them all if you’re going to exceed the maximum amp rating of the strip you decide on. It’s always better to get more than you think you will need though, because plugging an additional strip into an existing one (daisy-chaining) is not recommended and can be a fire hazard.

4. How Far Does it Need to Reach?

If you only need the additional sockets, then you don’t need to worry about this. But, if you want to have the plugs reach a few feet further from your wall outlet, consider a longer cord length like an 8-foot one. If you want to hide it behind a desk or dresser, consider one with a flat or rotating plug.

5. Warranty

Many power strips that have built in surge protection will offer a warranty and device protection up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While it sounds great, we have heard of a few horror stories of companies not honouring the warranty because it can be so difficult to prove that the device was used properly, according to the manufacturer or they can just claim that the warranty is void. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee as far as proper use if you want any hope of getting your damages covered.

Now that you know what look for in your new power strip, and how to use it safely, let’s dive into our list of the products we recommend!

What’s the Difference Between a Surge Protector vs. Power Strip?

Many people think that the two terms are interchangeable, but that isn’t quite the case. A surge protector by comparison, is a device that protects your electronic devices from power surges or spikes. When a surge in power occurs, the device shuts off delivery of electricity to your electronics, protecting them from shorting out. A power strip is a small block with multiple electrical outlets that allows you to plug in more electronic devices than just two in a standard outlet. It may also extend the reach of your wall outlet a few feet or so. Where the confusion comes from is that many modern power strips also include built-in surge protectors, while some do not.

Surge protectors also come in varying forms like those for your entire home, but typically come in the shape and form of a power strip. Surge protectors also differ from circuit breakers in that a surge protector absorbs the excess electricity, protecting your electronics from overload, while a circuit breaker simply shuts off the flow of electricity to your devices in response to a power spike.

What does this mean for you? Just remember that not all power strips are also surge protectors.

James Kennedy