Here at ShedHeads we’re committed to making life easier for our readers whether that’s finding and reviewing the best products or putting together the most in-depth buyer’s guides. In this article, we’ve curated 7 awesome household lifehacks that you should know about. We hope you enjoy!

1. Get Caught Up

Install one of these cleat hitches next to the outdoor outlets that you use your electric power tools from. Wrap your extension cord around it when using and never worry about accidentally pulling out your own cord ever again!

2. “Pour” Decisions

Do you usually remove the cap seal completely? Next time poke a large pour hole at the bottom and poke a smaller hole to allow for a steady stream. A more controlled and cleaner pour!

3. Screw This

Is the screw you’re trying to remove screwed on too tight or rusted down? The handles of most screwdrivers are designed so you can use a box-end wrench and increases your leverage. Just be careful not to strip the screw!

4. Mosquit-oil

Mosquitos buzzing around your head? Coat the inside of a sauce pan (you can use a plate but pans are great because they have a handle) with cooking oil and wave it around by the handle. The mosquitos or other bugs will stick to it and you can just rinse them away!

5. Not-So Permanent Marker

Permanent marker isn’t actually as permanent as you may think! Use these simple household ingredients to remove permanent marker from any surface. Disclaimer: always test a small amount to make sure you won’t permanently damage the surface

6. Wasps Bee-gone

Wasps hanging around your backyard as unwanted guests? Wasps are territorial, so try crumpling up some paper and hanging it in a brown paper bag. The wasps will think that another hive has already laid claim to your backyard and stay clear. 

7. Why Knot?

Using a power tool with an extension cord? Tie the end of the cords in a loose knot like this to avoid accidentally unplugging your tool when you’ve gone too far from your outlet! Don’t tie it too tightly as it can damage the cord, though.

Enjoy? Let us know your own simple lifehacks in the comments below!

James Kennedy