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The Firestone Destination LE2 is a reasonably priced, light truck and SUV all-season tire. The closed shoulder blocks enhance tread life, while providing exceptional performance on dry roads. The zig-zag sipes and the curved slots in the tread make the Destinationan extremely effective tire for wet roads, providing optimal traction and handling. This tire is not designated for winter driving, but can hold its own in light winter conditions. Overall, the Firestone LE2 is a fuel-efficient all-season tire with great wet performance and provides a smooth, comfortable ride at a very affordable price point. Read More 


firestone photoDry Performance

The Firestone Destination performs well on dry roads. Handling is good, and cornering is solid. The tread of the LE2 is actually quite unique, and definitely designed for driving on wet roads. As a result, the traction in dry conditions is slightly reduced. The traction isn’t reduced the point that you can’t drive confidently on dry roads – that’s definitely not the case. But you may find yourself spinning out slightly if you are starting up very quickly from a stop. Again, most folks won’t notice this at all, but for those who like to really gun it from a red light, you may notice a small amount of spin. The shoulder blocks are notched and the continuous ribs contribute to dry road performance, but will reduce your traction in sandy conditions off-road. The tire is manufactured with an internal steel belt below the tread that helps to resist punctures, for a more reliable tire. This tire will certainly get you anywhere you need to go on the road or highway.

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Wet Performance

The tread of the Firestone LE2 has been designed with rain and wet driving conditions in mind. The zig-zag sipes increase the surface area of the sipe, allowing for better contact of the tire with the road in wet conditions. The swooping tread slots also allow for the placement of extra grooves, improving traction on wet roads. Overall, these features make the Destination an extremely good tire for driving in slick, wet areas. On rainy days, these tires grip the road exceptionally well, providing confident cornering even at higher speeds. Braking is surprisingly efficient in these conditions as well. The design of the tread also reduces the risk of hydroplaning, and overalll this tire makes an excellent tire for wet roads.
firestone photoSnow & Ice

Where the Destination falls short is its performance in icy conditions. It is an all-season tire, but we are still In some very light snow, the same grooves and slots that provide the exceptional wet performance do provide some benefits to the driver. However, in heavy snow the tire loses its effectiveness. This tire is not recommended for use in icy conditions as it just isn’t designed for it. The tread isn’t soft enough, and as the tire hardens in cold conditions, traction is lost. While the tire handles decently well in slushy conditions thanks to the tread design, this is an all-season tire and is just not made for driving in heavy snow and icy conditions.

Noise & Comfort

Another downfall to this tire is the noise that some users find while driving. Not all folks find these tires very noisy, so it does depend on the vehicle and conditions you drive in, but when you start driving over 55mph or so, you can hear a bit of a hum. They’re not that loud, but it is noticeable at higher speeds. Given that this is a very affordable tire with impressive performance, a little noise isn’t the worst price to pay. Where the LE2 falls short for noise, it makes up for it in comfort, though. These tires handle and corner smoothly and confidently, and with good feedback to the driver. Vibrations and small bumps are adequately absorbed by the tire tread giving you a smooth and comfortable driving experience.
firestone photoTreadwear & Lifespan

Treadwear for the Firestone Destination is surprisingly good for such an affordable tire. Warranty for treadwear is available for these tires, but it varies depending on the size, speed rating and load index which differs from vehicle to vehicle. Before checking out wherever you buy the tires you can double check the warranty status. The lifespan of your tires’ tread will vary, depending on  the type of driver you are, where you are driving and what you are hauling or towing. The best way to improve the lifespan of your tires is to keep them properly balanced, which we recommend doing every oil change or at the very least every other one. The Destination also has a spirally wrapped nylon interior that allows the tire to hold a uniform shape throughout its entire life. Overall, we found you can expect somewhere between 30,000 – 50,000 miles from these tires, not amazing by any measure, but not terrible for a light truck tire at their price point.
firestone photoCompatibility

The Firestone LE2 is an all-season tire designed for light trucks and SUVs.
There are a ton of different sizes of this tire available, so we’re confident you can find the right size for your vehicle. The exact specifications of the tires you need will vary depending on not only the year, make and model of your vehicle, but even the trim, so make sure you have all that information or know the exact specs of your OE tires. Or, many sites will also have a tool that allows you to enter your vehicles details and it will find you the proper size automatically. In any case, you’ll likely be able to find the proper size for your truck or SUV.
firestone photoFinal Firestone Destination LE2 Review

At the end of the day, the Firestone Destination LE2 has some impressive strengths, paired with some glaring downfalls. The tire performs very well in dry conditions, handles confidently and provides good feedback. As the tire wears, it does lose some traction on dry roads and if you are an especially quick accelerator, you may notice some spin. The ride is comfortable and smooth, but can be a bit noisier at higher firestone photospeeds. This tire excels in rainy and wet roads, providing impressive traction and braking, while preventing hydroplaning. The wet performance is definitely the best feature of the Firestone Destination LE2. It’s not meant for snow and ice, and we don’t recommend driving it in more than a small amount of snow or slush. The tread doesn’t last as long as we’d like it to, but you can get several thousand miles out of it before you need replacing. All in all, for such an affordable tire, you are getting what you pay for. If you’re looking for a tire for your truck or SUV to get you from Point A to Point B safely on wet and dry roads and without costing you an arm and a leg, the Firestone Destination LE2 is a great tire for you. Also, did we mention they look great?


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