General Grabber AT2 Review

If you’ve ever considered upgrading from an all-season tire to a more aggressive all-terrain tire, you no doubt have come across this tire in your search. The grabber is an on/off-road tire produced by General Tire that balances performance with reliability. This light truck and SUV tire has an aggressive tread that performs well in all conditions. Compared to a standard all-season tire, the AT2 is an all-terrain tire, and is branded with the mountain/snowflake symbol, making it a great tire for year-round use. In this General Grabber AT2 review, we’re going to dive into all the great features of this tire in detail, so keep reading to find out if this tire is a good fit for you and your vehicle.


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General Grabber AT2 Review

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✅ 5 Tread rows with multiple traction angles

✅ Excellent Acoustics

✅ Extremely Deep Tread

✅ High Tread Life

✅ Suitable for Severe Snow Conditions


Stiff on Solid Ground


Dry Performance

Although the tread of the AT2 is more aggressive than required for most day-to-day driving, it still performs exceptionally well on dry roads. The reason General has designated this tire an on/off-road tire is so you can have the reliability of a daily use tire, that is prepared for any conditions you may come across. These General tires are a great set for a work truck, providing solid reliable driving on your commute to work, and also giving you the performance necessary for getting around on the job site without getting stuck. This also makes it a great tire for weekend warriors like people who are out and about camping and going on adventures that need the off-road performance.
General Grabber AT2



As we just touched on, the General Grabber AT2 is a great tire for off-roading. Not only is this tire great for a work truck or casual off-roaders, but the tire is also very popular among the off-roading community. The tread of this tire has 5-rows of irregularly shaped blocks, providing optimal traction on dry roads and off-road.
general grabber at2The treads are deeper than most other tires, increasing the off-road traction as well, allowing the tire to grip sandy and gravelly surfaces better. One thing to look out for is that when the tire is new and the tread is unworn, it tends to throw gravel, and so if you don’t have mud flaps you could end up chipping some paint from your rig, or whoever is behind you. They obviously won’t perform quite as well as an MT tire in deeper mud, but they do surprisingly well, and you shouldn’t have any problems getting through some soft, boggy situations.
general grabber at2 reviews

Wet Performance

general grabber at2The General Grabber AT2 performs almost as well in wet conditions as it does on dry roads. The deep tread allows water to channel away from your wheel efficiently, so even in heavy rain you can depend on the excellent traction. Stopping is quick, and you will rarely notice that you are driving on a wet road vs. a dry one. Many all-terrain tires can have issues with traction on wet roads, compared with specialized all-season touring tires. The Grabber, by comparison, will have you driving confidently in all conditions including the rain.

Snow & Ice

One of the great features of the Grabber is the fact that it actually meets the requirements of the RMA and RAC in regards to severe snow service wheels. In other words, it has the mountain/snowflake symbol on the tire, and can be used confidently in snowy and icy conditions. The tire tread also includes small indents throughout, allowing you the option to insert studs providing even greater traction in snow and ice. Studded tires are not allowed in every state/province however, as they accelerate the wear of the road, so make sure you’re actually allowed to use them before planning on studding the tires.
general tire grabber at2The biting edges of the 5-rows of tread blocks provide great traction in heavy snow. The composition of the rubber prevents excessive stiffening of the rubber in cold conditions, allowing the tire to still mold to the icy surfaces, preventing slippage. Many folks use the Grabber AT2 as an all-year tire, since even with some wear from the summer months, the tire still performs super well in snow and ice. The General Grabber AT2 really is an all-terrain tire that you can depend on year-round.
general grabber at2

Noise & Comfort

You may be wondering if this tire has a downside? Many all-terrain and all-season tires with superior performance usually fall short in this category since the treads can often produce an excessive amount of noise, or be bumpy and vibrating. That’s actually not the case with the Grabber. They’re obviously not as quiet as a luxury touring wheel, but they are incredibly quiet considering the aggressive tread of the tires. This is largely due to General introducing their engineered acoustic tread pattern, which provides the impressive all-terrain performance without all the noise. Even highway driving at higher speeds is very quiet. In addition, they provide a very comfortable ride. The tires absorb most bumps and vibrations, and you could certainly do worse for a set of tires for your truck or SUV. Also, did we mention they look great?
general grabber at2 reviews


What good is a tire with this great performance if it doesn’t last you though, right? Well luckily, not only does the AT2 excel all conditiongeneral grabber at2 reviewss, but they will last a long time as well. The double-v pattern of the tire tread increases the durability of the tire when off-road, and also increases the tread life overall. The internal structure of the tire includes two twin steel belts – with some of the sizes also including a reinforced nylon belt – mounted on a double layered polyester cord body which provides improved durability and strength to the tire. The rate of tread wear is different for every vehicle and driver as many factors such as towing, hauling, driving surface and driving habits can all affect the wear of your tires. Most folks barely notice any wear after 20,000 miles, and even folks who do a lot of towing and off-roading can expect at least 40,000 miles. And, we’ve seen multiple stories online of people taking these tires past 70,000 miles. This is a great tire for the money.


The Grabber is an all-terrain tire that is compatible with light trucks and SUVs. As far as specific sizes available, there are too many to list in this small article! If you know that exact specs of tire you need, it’s likely available since the AT2 is a very popular tire. The tire comes in various sizes, aspect ratios and speed ratings. If you don’t know the exact size you need, you can check out a provider like TireBuyer or TireRack and just input your vehicle’s information and it will auto-match the correct tire size you will need. Even the trim of your vehicle can adjust what specific tire you need, so it’s important to purchase the right sized tire.
general grabber at2 reviewQuick note here, that not all of the sizes available of this tire are severe snow condition approved (snowflake symbol). It’s still the same tire, but the specific measurements and specifications won’t meet the industry standard because of how they test the tires. Make sure you take that into account when looking for the model for your vehicle and if you will be wanting this tire for winter driving conditions.

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general grabber at2Final General Grabber AT2 Review

What more is there to say about the AT2? They are without a doubt one of the best tires you can get for your truck or SUV. The tread has been specifically designed to excel in all conditions. You can expect reliable handling and stopping on wet and dry roads alike. Even for a more aggressively designed tread, the tire runs exceptionally quiet. In addition, it makes an excellent tire for snow and ice. The biting edges of the tire produce excellent traction on snow, and grip tight on icy roads. Plus, the aggressive tread makes it an equally awesome tire for off-roading. Not only does the tire perform well but it has a long lifespan, giving you at least 40,000 miles of use, and probably many more. This is a great tire for the money, and definitely an all-terrain tire we recommend for your vehicle.

Did this analysis help you choose a set of tires for your vehicle? Do you own the Grabber already? Let us know your questions and comments below, we love hearing from our readers!


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