For many years, Nexen was a little-known brand in the tire industry. While it’s true that some of their earlier tires weren’t quite up to snuff, lately they’ve been stepping their game up. Professional tire reviewers have found that even some of their entry level models have tested as good as tires that cost many times their price. In this analysis, we’ll be putting them to the test to see if these budget branded tires should have a place on your rims.Nexen Tires Review

We know that wheels aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. Averaging $175 a piece, it’s clear that these tires might not be as good as a $500 per tire set of Michellins. But when it comes to tires, a higher price doesn’t always mean a proportionally better tire. What we’re going to find out is if these tires provide consumers will good value, and a decent safety rating.


All Season Nexen Tires Review

Nexens models are divided up by load capacity. For passenger vehicles, they have two models on the market. The CP and the N series tires are good for sunshine, snow, ice, and rain, suitable for use on smaller vehicles. For light trucks and SUVs, the Rodian and N-Fera tires are the options.

CP Nexen Tires Review

Of all available, the CP series have the best test scores. They feature four straight wide grooves, drastically improving handling and traction even in very wet climates. The straight center rib blocks allow them to perform well at fast highway speeds, improving comfort and reducing road noise. These models are ideal for places that get more rain than snow, making them a great all season tire for coastal regions, or for vehicles that use dedicated ice and snow models in the winter. One of the reason we love these is their ride quality. They’re nice and soft, allowing for a smooth ride. Despite this, they last for quite a long time, something that you don’t often see with soft tires like this.N nexen tire review


The N series is similar in design, but includes a few features that improve their snow rating. For starters, the center tread block is been shrunk, and the offset treadblocks have been extended and upgraded to included directional groves. These directional grooves upgrade the snow index by 60 percent, improving performance in icy and snowy conditions. Although this won’t be necessary in all climates, those of you who live in the central interior will really appreciate this feature.

Nexen Rodian ReviewThe compromises in designing them involved a reduced load index in exchange for improved performance in different weather conditions. If you’re driving a heavier vehicle, Nexen has some tires that are upgraded to meet your needs. Our recommendation is for the Roadian line. You’ll notice that these ones have a much thicker treadblock, and a much more erratic looking design than the others. The Roadian tires are specially designed for the needs of heavier vehicles. They have excellent traction in snowy and icy conditions, and the deep tread block allows them to work well in road conditions. There is also the N-Fera, a modified version of the N series tires for larger vehicles. These boots perform better in the rain than in the snow, but we’d recommend them for SUVs rather than trucks.

Nexen Winguard ReviewWinter Options
Those of you who live in icy and snowy climates know that all seasons just won’t cut it. For the most extreme climates, Nexen has two winter models available. The Winguards are the more temperate of the rubber. They excel in deep, fluffy snow, heavy slush, or icy roads. There are four deep groves that run the circumference of the tire, improving drainage for those wet days. They use an alternating directional treadblock in the center, improving grip on icy roads. These tread blocks are made from a slightly softer rubber, allowing them to bite into the snow to improve traction. Two hardened tread blocks run the side, which work in conjunction to the offset treadblock to provide superior winter handling.

Nexen Winspike ReviewWhile the Winguard are high speed rubber for driving on roads or highways, the Nexen Winspike tire is designed for those who like to adventure. They have much more grip into tough conditions, making them excellent for extreme climates. THey can be fitted with the most aggressive studs on the market, something that’s becoming increasingly popular in cold climates.

Summer Options

For the most part, Nexen relies on their all season line to fill the summer gap. Nexens all season tires don’t suffer from the problems that typical all seasons do. They have a quieter ride, excellent traction at high speeds, and long tread life. But they do have one particular tire that is designated as a summer tire, which is the N3000. This is a stripped down version of the standard N-series, designed specifically for very warm climates like California. They are a little harder, improving the tread life in hot areas.

What we Like about Nexen

Nexen Tires Review Conclusion Where Nexen really excels is creating a great all season tire. They have extremely high tread life, very low road noise, and surprisingly good performance in snowy conditions. We’d recommend these models for the majority of consumers, as their snow options are only going to be needed in the most extreme climates. That being said, if you do choose to go for a snow tire, there is no sense in buying an all season as well. Since you wont need snow performance, you’d do well to pick up their N3000 tire for summer use.

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Are They Right for Me?

Our analysis found that they performed very well in all conditions, and are ideal for commuters or anyone who drives on the highway a lot. They have extremely long tread life, making them suitable for those who drive a lot. For smaller vehicles, Nexen tires are rated just as highly as their more expensive counterparts, so you can get a great value. They might not have been the highest rated tire manufacturer initially, but it’s clear that they’re trying to reestablish themselves as one of the top tier manufacturers.



James Kennedy