5 Things to Keep in Your Trunk

Having a happy relationship with your vehicle is about more than basic maintenance – it’s also about what you’ve got in your trunk! There are certain measures you can take to make vehicle maintenance easy, and to avoid some of the most common disasters vehicle owners face. Keeping a few basic items in your trunk at all times can save you a lot of trouble, and it’s dead easy. A lot of common vehicle troubles can be easily solved with certain products that you can simply store in your trunk “just in case.” There’s nothing worse than easily avoidable vehicle trouble disrupting a road trip or commute to an important meeting. So whether you’re a first time car owner or trying to learn from past mistakes, let’s break down the top 5 items to always keep in your trunk.


The all important oil change! Most of us know that a vehicle won’t last long if it’s oil supply isn’t properly maintained. It’s difficult to downplay how serious it can be to continue driving your vehicle when it has run out of oil. In simple terms, your engine could literally explode. Oil is an absolutely crucial component to a safely, properly running vehicle. It’s not only ideal for maintenance, but it is also detrimental to having your vehicle physically running. We get it – sometimes you forget to check the oil. Sometimes you check and either don’t have any oil convenient, and simply forget to fill it later. You’re driving down the highway in the middle of nowhere and suddenly the oil light goes on. Depending on what you have in your trunk, this could spell disaster, or it could be a simple 3 minute stop. Keeping a container of oil in your car is always a great idea that can save you (or a friend) a lot of hassle.


Coolant is another great product to keep in your vehicle. It’s another one of these things that can cause major damage if you happen to run out, but is dead to easy to keep topped up if you prepare for it. Like oil, you can grab coolant anywhere for fairly cheap. It’s easy to store and easy to fill up when needed, making a no-brainer addition to your trunk space. Especially if you’re on those long summer road trips, running out of coolant and having your car overheat can cast a pretty big shadow over the trip. So throw some coolant in the trunk and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Fuel injector cleaner

Fuel injector cleaner is great to have on hand because it’s easy to overlook. It’s not something you need to use frequently, so having a supply in your trunk can let you put it out of your mind. In certain situations, it’s also a quick fix to some common engine problems. If you’re driving across the country and notice your idle start to act up, simply running some fuel injector cleaner can get you back to driving smoothly. Of course, you’ve got to get the right type. so check out our guide if you want to know more.

Jump starters

We’ve all been there before. Whether you forgot to turn a light off, or sat too long listening to the radio, everyone has killed their car battery more than once. It renders your car useless, which is obviously a huge problem if you’ve got somewhere to be. The bright side is that it’s easy fix if you have jump starters and can wave down another vehicle. You can also save someone else’s day by carrying around jump starters. Jump starters are definitely one the most useful trunk tools you can have.

Spare tire

It goes without saying, a spare tire goes a long way. Of course, most vehicles come with a spare tire under the trunk bed. But it’s always a good idea to check, and especially important to make sure it has air in it. If it’s ever happened to you, you won’t forget the feeling of blowing a tire, feeling relieved that you are a responsible driver who knows how to put a spare on, and finding the spare tire is completely flat. It happens! So fill up that spare tire and give yourself some peace of mind. As a side note, it’s also smart make sure you have a good hoist that fits your car, and isn’t too rusty.

James Kennedy