Our YETI Coolers In-depth Review

You’ve likely heard of YETI coolers, and the fact that many folks love the one they own. But is it worth the money? Or is it just effective marketing and are you better off going with a cheaper brand? Read on as we get dissect these iceboxes and see if they can take the heat of our investigation and see if they are worth your hard-earned dollars.

Tundra 350
roadie 20
YETI Roadie 20

Roto-molded coolers are all the rage these days. You’ve likely seen a few around, since they are pretty distinct from classic coolers. At the forefront of this roto-molded icebox movement is the brand, YETI. This American company was founded in 2006 and has hard at work producing large, quality insulated containers since then. They’ve also been hard at work protecting their designs from copycats, and have more than a few lawsuits ongoing and some resolved. These competitors are attempting to offer the same quality of product at a lower price, since YETI coolers are pretty dang expensive.

Materials & Manufacturing

The method by which these ice boxes are produced is called rotational molding, or roto-molding. Roto-molding is a process whereby a liquid plastic polymer is fed into a rotating hollow mold. The plastic cools slightly, then more molten plastic as added, all while the mold is spinning. This process produces thick, uniform walls without any seams required to glue or otherwise attach together. In the case of these ice chests, the plastic is fed over top of thick insulation, producing a thick-walled cooler with no seams. The insulation that is used in the walls is a pressure injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam that retains heat extremely well.
yeti coolers reviewHaving a ice chest that lacks seams greatly increases its lifespan and durability. Your old Coleman or Igloo likely is manufactured using multiple pieces, glued together. If you use your cooler on a boat, water can seep in between the seams and slowly degrade the tight seal. Any seam will also allow for heat to make contact with the insulation, warming up the inside of your cooler more quickly. Having the entire tub and lid being encompassed in a single piece of material means you get a durable container that retains its temperature more effectively. It’s definitely a “buy it for life” type product.

Key Design Features

These YETI coolers have some awesome features, so awesome that they are the reason they are filing lawsuits against competitors to protect their designs. Here’s a few of our favourite features.

Thick, insulated walls keep your things cold (or hot). The insulation works both ways and should you need to keep some hot food in there for a pot luck or party, you can count on it to do so.

seafoam greenThe T-shaped latches are made of very thick, heavy duty rubber. The fit is so tight that you can’t just push the latches into place with your palm, you need to actually pull down fairly hard on the latch and then lock it into place.

The cooler sits trademarked rubber feet, that prevents any slipping around. This is especially great if you use the cooler in a boat, as it will keep it in place even if the floor gets wet. The feet also allow air to pass underneath the cooler, preventing any ambient heat from the ground or floor warming up the insulation.

YETI Tundra 45

Military-grade polyester ropes function as the handlreviewes for the boxes, that are securely mounted to the box. You don’t have to worry about those cheap-o plastic handles that always get loose and fall off.
Two slots mounted on the rim of the tub functionas anchor points for tie-downs, which are great to secure the icebox to your boat, trailer or truck bed.

The thick rubber gasket helps produce a tight seal that locks in cold, and keeps in any odors that wildlife may be attracted to. The interlocking hinge won’t fall apart like other cheaper cooler models.padlock

A rugged, leak-proof spout drains water in a vortex which quickly drains any excess liquid.

When you lock the icebox with a padlock in the designated slot in the corner, it becomes IGBC-certified bear-proof. It also keeps your beer and food safe from people!yeti bear proof




Tundra 35

A small wire frame basket is also included in most models (excluding the Roadie) to help maintain some organization and keep certain goods dry.
Ice Retention

Clearly, these iceboxes have a great design, but how do they actually perform? Is it all just marketing? There’s obviously no point in having a great looking product if they don’t keep your ice solid and your beer and food ice-cold.
iceIt’s hard to declare an exact number of days that ice will keep, since there are many different factors that will affect the performance of your cooler, such as:

What type of ice you use: large blocks will last longer than smaller cubes (a combination of the two is a great way to extend the life of your ice)

What temperature it is outside: your ice obviously won’t hold the same way it does in summer as it does in winter

How often you open the lid: every time you open the lid you let in warm air, so if you can refrain from opening the lid as much as possible, you can keep the ice much longer

Whether or not you pre-cool: using a “sacrificial” bag of ice is recommended with roto-molded coolers. Because the insulation is so good at keeping things cold, it also keeps things hot well. For the best performance it’s recommended you cool ahead of time by filling it with ice, as well as storing the icebox in a cool space like a shed or the basement.

All of these various factors aside, the YETI coolers are very good at retaining ice. You can definitely count on it to keep ice through an entire weekend, and if you’re good at keeping it closed, you can certainly keep ice for up to a week.

In the above video, using the 75 quart model, they were able to keep ice for 7 days (with some significant melting). But again, how long the ice lasts will depend on how and where you use yours.

Picking a Size

There are several different colours and sizes of ice chest available. They are available in three colours: classic white, desert tan, and ice blue. They also come in sizes ranging from 20 quarts – a perfect size for day trips – all the way up to 350 quarts, a size most typically used by fishermen or in some cases hunters. Regardless of how and how often you will be using it, there will be a perfect size for you. Here’s a quick comparison table of all the models available.

ModelDimensions (Outside)Dimensions (Inside)Empty WeightCapcity (cans, in 2:1 ice to can ratio)Capacity (lbs of ice)Price
Roadie 2014 3/8” × 19” × 13 3/4”10” × 13” × 8 3/8”15 lbs14 cans20 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 3515 1/4” × 21” × 16”10” × 14” × 9 1/2”20 lbs20 cans28 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 4515 1/2” × 25 1/2” × 16”9 7/8” × 18 3/8” × 9 1/2”23 lbs26 cans35 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 5018 1/8” × 24” × 17 3/8”12 1/8” × 16 5/8” × 10 5/8”26 lbs32 cans47 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 6516” × 30 1/2” × 17 1/2”10 1/8” × 23 3/8” × 10 3/4”29 lbs39 cans56 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 75 18” × 33 1/4” × 18”12” × 26” × 11 1/8”34 lbs50 cans66 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 10520” × 30 1/2” × 19 1/2” 14 1/4” × 23” × 12 1/2”36 lbs59 cans92 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 11020” × 37” × 18”13 3/4” × 29 1/2” × 11”39 lbs65 cans101 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 12520” × 40” × 19 1/2”14 1/2” × 32 3/8” × 121/2”48 lbs81 cans129 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 16021 1/2” × 45” × 19 1/2”15 1/2” × 37 3/8” × 12 3/8”54 lbs100 cans159 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 21024” × 39 3/8” × 25 1/2”19 3/4” × 31” × 17 3/8”62 lbs140 cans208 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 25021 1/4” × 55” × 22 5/8”15 1/2” × 47 1/4” × 15 1/2”70 lbs155 cans232 lbsCheck Best Price
Tundra 35023 1/4” × 63 1/4” × 24 1/2”18 3/8” × 55” × 16 3/4”89 lbs222 cans329 lbsCheck Best Price



Unlike RTIC coolers, one of YETI’s main competitors, which provides only a 30-day return policy, YETI offers an impressive warranty. Not only do they offer a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy, but an additional 60 day exchange policy.

tundra 350
Tundra 350

They also provide a 5-year limited warranty for any defects in workmanship, materials or manufacturing. Keep in mind if they deem your issue as normal wear and tear or from improper use, you may not be eligible for warranty. You can check out more information on their website.


While these iceboxes are clearly industry leaders, they do have a few drawbacks.
For one, they are quite heavy, even when empty. The smallest model, the 20 quart “Roadie, weighs 15 lbs when empty. The 50 quart size, a common size for weekend camping trips and beach days weighs 26 lbs when empty. The heavy weight is due to the thick insulation and plastic walls and lid, and is the trade-off you have to put up with to get such a heavy-duty and durable container.
In addition to being heavy, they do not have wheels. Keep in mind that if you are going to be lugging the chest around far distances when full of beer, food and ice, it’s going to be a bit of a workout. We definitely advise against dragging it since it will eventually wear through the base of the tub, so make sure you can lift the cooler once full, or plan to leave it in your vehicle.

tanWhile YETI is considered the original roto-molded cooler, they come with a fairly steep price tag. Of course with all the great features, quality and warranty, it should last you years, but they can be a bit pricey. If you need a cooler just for the occasional day trip, it may be worth getting something cheaper. If you’re going to be regularly using it, for weekend or week-long trips, parties, camping, fishing and hunting, it will be worth the investment.

Lastly, although these iceboxes are designed in Austin Texas, and used to be manufactured there, they are now made in China. With the change of location YETI hasn’t lowered their prices, so we expect they’re making a pretty penny off of their high prices. It’s probably necessary to fund all of their lawsuits… Yes, they are more expensive than their competitors, but you are paying for great quality materials and a great warranty from this trusted brand.

Bottom Line

So, is it worth the money? Well, it depends what you’re going to be using it for. If you need something for day trips to the beach with your family, a YETI cooler may be a bit overkill and you may want to look into a cheaper option.

Do you like to buy quality products that will last a lifetime? Are you regularly going on weekend or week-long camping trips where you need your ice to last? Do you need a cooler to keep meat cold on the trip home from hunting, or on the boat for keeping your fish chilled while on the water? If you answered yes to any of these, then you have found your new cooler. YETI coolers are virtually indestructible, keep ice for days and plus they look great. You can’t go wrong!

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beach coolerDid this article help you choose a great quality YETI cooler? Let us know your questions or comments below, we love hearing from our readers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where are YETI coolers Made?
A: Although originally manufactured in the USA, YETI coolers are now made in China. Their marketing states that the product is “designed in Austin Texas, made in China.”

Q: So why are YETI coolers so expensive?
A: A few reasons. Roto-molding is an expensive process, but since they manufacture in China, a good chunk of what you are paying for is their marketing. That said, YETI is a trusted brand, and considered the original roto-molded cooler. The materials they use are good quality and, their warranty is one of the best.

Q: Is there a cheaper YETI cooler alternative?
A: There are other brands that produce roto-molded coolers at a lower price such as RTIC, if you are shopping on a budget, check them out.