While there are many things we like about the red copper pan, there is one particular issue that’s unclear: how durable is it?

According to the manufacturer, this is the most durable non-stick pan on the market. Their infomercial even shows a cook dragging a metal fork across it, with the pan coming out unscathed! How cool is that?

Despite how it looks on TV, it’s simply not true. You CAN damage the red copper pan by using metal utensils. In spite of this, there are some key advantages to using this pan over a standard non-stick model. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the durability of the red copper pan: both the good and the bad. We’ll show you the specific things that could damage this pan, and compare it against the most common pan on the market: teflon-based non-stick pans.

Durability of the Red Copper Pan

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There are three main things that can kill a pan quickly: heat exposure, rust, and surface damage. Obviously, all pans are designed to handle a little heat – but just how hot they get can change how long your pan lasts. This is the number one biggest cause of damage to pans. While they aren’t completely destroyed, they do tend to warp. And when that happens, your cooktop can’t heat your food evenly.

The second biggest cause of failure is damage to the non stick surface. Even a small scuff can cause a sticky part that’s hard to clean, and prevent your food from cooking evenly. If the scratch is so deep that it goes down to the metal, this is where the 3rd most common cause of damage comes in: rust.

Heat Exposurewarped pan

How much heat can the red copper pan handle? More than most! It’s rated for prolonged exposure to temperatures up to and exceeding 500 degrees Farenheit. As we mentioned, this pan is oven safe – not something that many non-stick pans can do.

A standard non-stick pan is coated with Teflon. Teflon starts to decompose at high heat. So if you were to throw it in the oven or forget to turn your burner off, the non-stick coating can burn off making the pan effectively useless. Additionally, the steel inside tends to bend and warp with prolonged exposure. Red copper pans are made with an aluminum core, which doesn’t have these problems. So in this particular issue, red copper is MUCH more durable than a standard non-stick pan.

Surface Damage

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This is really the one area where the red copper pan is susceptible to damage. The non-stick surface is simply a coating on an aluminum pan. When you take it out of the box, this coating completely seals across the entire cooking surface. The coating is nice and thick, which is especially true of the double-coated models.

But this coating is also quite soft when compared to metal. If you take your metal flipper and gouge the surface, you’ll remove a little chunk of the coating. If this is light damage, it might not go all the way through. In this case, you won’t notice any functional difference in your pan – but you WILL have created a weak spot.

If the scratch or gouge is deep enough, or if you’ve repeatedly damaged a weak point, eventually you’ll cut through to the metal. Once this happens, you’ll have a tiny spot on your pan that tends to stick. Over time, the coating will continue to peel or flake off, making your pan useless.

The exact same thing is true of standard Teflon pans. For this reason, you need to make sure to use only cooking apparatuses that are safe to use with non-stick pans. Don’t shove a fork in there, and be careful with your metal flipper!


The last issue with non-stick pans is rust. While this isn’t entirely common, you may have encountered it before. You’ve got an old, gouged up Teflon pan that has been sitting around forever. One day, you start to notice that the gouges are turning brown. If you boil water, you’ll see the water take on a very slight brown tint.

What you’re seeing is rust. Most pans are made from steel, which rusts any time it’s exposed to moisture. Generally, the non-stick coating protects the pan from this. But if it’s scratched off, the coating can’t do it’s job.

Fortunately, this is NOT a problem with the red copper pan. Unlike steel models commonly found, this one has an aluminum core. Aluminum is lightweight, and never rusts. So this is one problem you don’t have to worry about.

Detailed Review

In this article, we just took a brief look at one aspect of the red copper pan. If you want to know more, click here to check out our complete red copper pan review.

Final Verdict

Is the red copper pan durable? Compared to most non-stick pans, it certainly is! However, the manufacturer was a little dishonest when promoting their product. Like any other appliance in your kitchen, you still have to take care when using it.

The biggest thing to be careful of is the copper coating on the surface. Using soft utensils like plastic spatulas will ensure that the coating is never damaged. With a little planning, this pan can last you for many years to come.

Other durability issues that plague teflon pans aren’t found here. Copper doesn’t degrade in the heat like teflon does. This means that you can leave it on the burner for hours, or even throw it in the oven without having to worry about warping or damaging the pan.

While rust isn’t something that everyone encounters, you can guarantee that you’ll never run into it here. Red copper makes their pans from aluminum, which doesn’t oxidize like steel does.

Over all, we’ve got a fairly durable pan that we highly recommend. While there is one small issue with it, this is something that can be totally avoided with just a little planning.

James Kennedy