michelin premier a/sQuick Glance

The Michelin Premier A/S are a passenger vehicle (cars/minivans) all season tire with some great features. The tires provide great traction in dry and wet conditions, michelin premier a/s reviewand provide superior braking and stopping as well. By far the greatest benefit of this tire is their amazing performance on wet, slick roads. They aren’t designed for snow and ice, and their performance reflects that, since they are just an all-season (3-season) tire. But that being said, we found this tire produces a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride that make a great replacement to whatever tires you’re currently running.

Dry Performance

Michelin has been an industry-leader in tires for ages, and the Michelin Premier A/S reflects the quality you expect from them. One of the greatest features of this tire is how the performance of the tire doesn’t change, even when worn. This is due to the design of the tire and tread. Even when you’ve driven on these tires for half their treadlife, traction is just as good on wet and dry roads as when they were new. Cornering is tight and handling is great, despite being a slightly softer tire. You get great feedback from the vehicle allowing you to drive confidently.
michelin premier a/s reviewsWet Performance

Where the Michelin Premier A/S really shine is in the rain and on wet, slick surfaces. These tires have Michelin’s EverGrip technology, which are basically grooves that expand when in wet conditions. In addition, since treadwear is inevitable with newtires, Michelin has designed the Premier A/S so that other grooves in the tread actually widen when worn, providing equal traction even after they’ve been on your vehicle for some time. michelin - premier a/sThe grooves that expand and the grooves that are uncovered during wear provide greater traction especially in rain and on wet roads, preventing hydroplaning. The larger amounts of silica in the rubber and tread of the tire functions to increase wet traction as well.

michelin premier a/s tiresSnow & Ice

While the Michelin Premier A/S isn’t designed for use in heavy winters, you can get away with these tires on your car or minivan in light winter conditions. Although the tread performs optimally in wet conditions, it doesn’t really transfer over to performance on icy roads. However, due to the large amount of sunflower oil used in the tread rubber, it keeps the rubber compound flexible and softer than usual at lower tempemichelin premier a s reviewratures which help grip snow in cold conditions. The sipes and tread blocks provide decent traction in slush and light snow, and you can probably drive confidently in late fall and early spring days if you’re caught in some weather. If you live somewhere with big snow falls, you’ll want to invest in a snow and ice designated winter tire that performs better than the Michelin Premier A/S in these conditions.

Noise & Comfort

Due to the design of the tire and the rubber compound of the tread, the Michelin Premier A/S provides a very comfortable driving experience. The silica and sunflower oil of the rubber contribute to an impact absorbing tread. Many minor bumps and vibrations are negated by the tire giving you a very smooth ride. So long as you keep the tires properly balanced, the Michelin Premier A/S is also a very quiet tire. We find you get very little noise from the road which is a huge luxury for a tire that also boasts such impressive performance on wet and dry surfaces.
michelin premier a/sTreadwear & Warranty

How does the Michelin A/S stack up as far as the lifespan of it’s tread? It’s not the most long-lasting tire we’ve ever seen, and it sits on the better half of average as far as treadwear goes. It’s much better than its cousin the Michelin Defender, though. The tire is supported by a limited 6 year/60,000 mile warranty by Michelin, so you’ll want to check out those details in case you have any issues with their treadlife. The most important thing to increase the lifespan for your tires is to have them balanced properly, and frequently, ideally every oil change. You should expect around 40,000-80,000 miles from these tires, all depending on what kind of driving you are doing, where you’re doing it and keeping them rotated.
michelin premier a/s reviewCompatibility

The Premier A/S is a tire designed for cars and minivans. Being such a popular tire, it is available in numerous different sizes. If you know the exact dimensions of tire you need for your vehicle, then just head over to a site like TireBuyer and have them shipped straight to an installer or right to your door. If not, you can use this tool to input your vehicle’s make, model, year and trim and be automatically set up with the proper size of tire. It’s important to do so or know the exact specifications. There’s more to buying a tire than just the size of the rim, and even a vehicle’s trim can change the requirements for the tire you need. In any case, we’re confident you’ll be able to find a tire that fits since Michelin makes the Premier A/S in so many sizes.

Final Michelin Premier A/S Reviewbest price

Overall, the Premier A/S is a very good option for an all-season touring tire for cars and minivans. The tire provides good feedback to the road, and corner and handle effectively. You will be cornering and stopping confidently with thesemichelin premier a/s reviews tires underneath you. The Premier A/S is an all-season tire, so their performance in snow and ice leaves some to be desired. In light snow and slush, the tire remains soft and grips well, and can get you through until you can get your winter tires changed over. Where this tire truly excels is in rain and wet conditions. The design of the tire and its tread provides superior traction on wet roads, gripping tightly and stopping much more quickly than the large majority of competitors. As well, the tire provides the same great traction even when worn. The tires feel like a luxury tire due to the reduction of noise and vibrations, providing a silky smooth driving experience. With so many sizes available, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a set that fits your car or van. The Premier A/S is a great tire especially for those who do a lot of driving in rainy areas and on wet roads or simply want the confidence that comes with the improved traction in these situations.

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