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The struggles of snow clearing are all too real for those of us who reside in cold, snowy towns and cities. Clearing snow is time consuming, laborious and well, wouldn’t you just rather be doing something else with your time? New snow shovels and scoops work pretty well, and snow blowers are great (except expensive and noisy), but what if you could just spray your sidewalk and driveway once a week to prevent the snow from sticking at all? Liquid Snow Shovel can turn your hour of snow clearing into just a few quick scoops. Liquid Snow Shovel melts smaller amounts of snow on contact, and prevents larger snowfalls from sticking, making it extremely easy to clear. It’s an amazing product, that keeps your walkways and driveways clear, ice-free and safe. Keep reading to find out why you should start stocking your shelves in time for the coming winter.

“I Don’t Need it, I Use Rock Salt”

Some folks may think that salting their walkways, driveways, and parking lots with rock salt is the best way to go. While somewhat effective, rock salt does have its drawbacks:

  • Rock salt only works to 20°F, not cold enough for most winters
  • It gets washed/shovelled away
  • It can harm the paws of dogs and cats
  • Prices have risen due to shortage
  • Rock salt displaced in the water causes damage to soils and vegetation

Liquid snow shovel, by comparison:

  • Is effective at colder temperatures
  • Does not get washed or shovelled away
  • Less corrosive to asphalt, concrete, wood
  • Environmentally friendly

How do I choose a Brand?

We’re here to do the research for you and take the headache away from risking a bad choice. Our Shed Head team got together and researched the most popular liquid snow shovel products to help you choose from. The things we looked for in our research of liquid snow shovels are: effectiveness, temperature, corrosiveness, environmentally friendliness, price, ease of application, availability and sizes.

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After vigorous examination, we are providing you with our pick for the best liquid snow shovel: . You can check out our full liquid snow shovel review below:


Quick Overview

When searching for the best liquid snow shovel, we wanted to make sure we found one that ticked all the boxes: safe, effective and affordable. Taking all things into account, we think that Advanced Season Innovations’ (ASI) liquid snow shovel covers all the bases.

What is it made of?

The liquid snow shovel is composed of Calcium Chloride in a liquid suspension. Other liquid snow shovel ingredients may also include magnesium chloride. Liquid snow shovel is hygroscopic, and deliquescent. These are just big fancy words for the fact that it pulls moisture from the air around it, in order to stay as a liquid state.

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Is it Safe to Use?

Calcium Chloride is 70% less corrosive than rock salt, and is much safer. Pets paws will not burn from the liquid, and they can’t eat it. Calcium Chloride is also much safer for use around gardens and lawns and won’t create the same type of “burn” as rock salt. It’s also much safer to use on more sensitive surfaces like wood on porches and benches.

Does it Actually Work?

One thing that is important to note is that is not primarily a de-icer. It is primarily an anti-icer. It is best used as a preventative measure, sprayed on the surface before snowfall, or immediately after clearing snow. That being said, you will definitely notice less snow staying on surfaces you have sprayed. However, the ideal way to use the ASI liquid snow shovel is to apply it right before the first snowfall, then every 7 days after clearing snow.

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Don’t be like this guy!

Put it this way: it won’t keep 24 inches of snow from falling on your driveway (what can?), but it could reduce it to just 18-20 inches, while also preventing that pesky icy/compact stickiness that eats up your time. Think of clearing snow on a liquid snow shovel treated driveway like scraping flour off a counter, while an untreated driveway is more like scraping wax off a counter. A fraction of the effort is required. 

Does it work better than rock salt?

Rock Salt is only effective as 20°F so unfortunately, rock salt just doesn’t cut it in many winters. ASI liquid snow shovel by comparison is effective to -25°F, cold enough even for Canadian winters. Using Calcium Chloride is quite common in Canada, Northern States and some European countries on their roads and highways due to its effectiveness at such low temperatures. what is liquid snow shovel made ofIt can’t just be shovelled away like rock salt either, since it is sprayed directly onto your surface in liquid form. Due to rising prices, liquid snow shovel may also be cheaper than rock salt (depending on where you live).

Where to Buy Liquid Snow Shovel?

By now you may be wondering “where can I buy liquid snow shovel?” You can find the Advanced Season Innovations liquid snow shovel at many department stores, or and get it shipped right to your door.

Is it actually worth it?

liquid snow shovelWell, for this one it depends. A gallon of liquid snow shovel (around $20) will give you 1000 square feet of coverage on asphalt.

liquid snow shovelConsidering the amount of time that you will save clearing snow, we think it’s a great purchase to save yourself valuable time and effort. ASI makes their liquid snow shovels available in several sizes, so you can purchase the size best for you depending on your expected snowfall. If you buy a larger size and don’t use it all, it has no shelf life so you can just save it for next winter. We also recommend picking up to get a nice even spread of coverage on your driveway.


Did you pick up some Liquid Snow Shovel?
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