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ORCA Coolers vs YETI | Full Review & Comparison

orca coolers

ORCA is yet another company manufacturing the newest trend in recreational refrigeration units: roto-molded coolers. When most people think of a roto-molded ice chest, their first thought is of YETI, a very popular brand. However, they are extremely expensive, and do they actually perform as well as other more affordable brands such as ORCA? In this in-depth review, we tease apart the...

RTIC vs. YETI – Which One is Worth Your Money?

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RTIC VS YETI - THE DEFINITIVE GUIDERoto-molded coolers have really made the mark in the industry the last couple years, with two brands of cooler in particular at the forefront, RTIC and YETI. These two brands have extremely similar designs, and according to the courts, a little too similar (more on that further down).But what actually are the differences between these two brands...

YETI Coolers – Everything You Need To Know

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Our YETI Coolers In-depth ReviewYou've likely heard of YETI coolers, and the fact that many folks love the one they own. But is it worth the money? Or is it just effective marketing and are you better off going with a cheaper brand? Read on as we get dissect these iceboxes and see if they can take the heat of our investigation...

The Ultimate RTIC Coolers Review

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With summer right around the corner, you are going to need a cooler that actually works. If you're anything like us, you've been using the same, old icebox for years. Maybe it was even your parents and now you're using it - who knows. Point is, while the technology in coolers is fairly basic, it's also been improved on dramatically over...

Why You Need the Best Faucet Water Filter

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Water is an essential part to daily life. Staying hydrated is crucial for good health for you and your family. But is your tap water safe to drink?Even though many municipalities have water treatment processes, the water coming from your tap can contain harmful contaminants and pathogens. Chlorine, is often added to city tap water in order to sterilize your...

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Buying Tips & Recommendations

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A gas powered hedge trimmer is an awesome tool to keep your lawn neat and trim. Ever walk by a house with perfectly straight or extremely ornate hedges and wonder how they did it? Well with a hedge trimmer, no doubt. Gas power tools are slowly being replaced by electric and battery powered versions, since they are typically more...

Best 3 Cordless Hedge Trimmer and Buying Tips

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Best 3 Cordless Hedge Trimmer of 2017The end of winter is almost upon us, and while we finally get to ditch the shovels, snow removal is quickly replaced by other chores. If you’re like us and you love having a beautifully kept lawn, there’s a few tools you’re going to need. One of the most important tools for keeping...

3 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer Models of 2017

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Choosing an Electric Hedge TrimmerWith spring right around the corner, our snow shovels and scoops will soon be replaced with shears and mowers. If you’re looking to keep your lawn looking great this spring, an electric hedge trimmer is a must have. If you want your bushes and shrubs to look like this, you’re going to need to get...

General Grabber AT2 Review

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Quick LookIf you’ve ever considered upgrading from an all-season tire to a more aggressive all-terrain tire, you no doubt have come across this tire in your search. The grabber is an on/off-road tire produced by General Tire that balances performance with reliability. This light truck and SUV tire has an aggressive tread that performs well in all conditions. Compared to a...

Kelly Edge a/s Review

Kelly Edge a/s Review

Although Goodyear produces tires for a number of applications, they've also got several sub-brands they use to sell tires for specific applications. The Kelly Edge line is a set of one-size-fits-all tires designed to make the lives of dealers, and consumers, easier. They're marketed as having above average performance, at a below average price. If you find that you...

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