A cordless drill is one of those key tools that every man needs in his kit. Whether you’re doing a few repairs around the house or working full time in construction, you’ve likely spent a bit of time with one of these in your hand.

Several years ago, cordless drills were used only when necessary. Short battery life and poor performance meant that a wired model was always preferred. Thanks to advances in battery technology, cordless drill now performs just as well as their wired counterparts in almost every environment. The best drill will allow you to work efficiently, without any hassle.

Unfortunately, not all drills are created equally. If you buy the cheapest one you can find, you’re in for some kind of trouble.

Fortunately, there are better options. In this roundup, we’ll help you learn what to look for, and what to avoid.

Cordless Drill Reviews

There are countless options on the market, and knowing which one is right for your needs can be a challenge. There is no one-size-fits-all option. What works for one person may not work for another.

We’ve gone through and selected our favorite drills for virtually every application. First, we’ll go through each model one-by one to show you what it has to offer. After, we’ll help you decide which of these top rated cordless drills is right for you.

The Best 18V Cordless Drill


Hitachi DS18DBFL2

Although Hitachi isn’t one of the most well-known brands on the market, in-the-know consumers consider this to be a bit of a hidden gem. With 620 inch-LBS of torque and a speed of up to 1800 RPM, this drill packs a serious punch. The brushless motor is one of the most efficient on the market, ensuring that this high power doesn’t come at the expense of battery life. This combination of performance and versatility means that many consumers consider this to be the best power drill on the market.

While there is a regular brushed motor version that is more affordable, the brushless version excels in almost every regard.

You don’t need a tool to change out bits, letting you work on the fly. There are 22 different torque settings, so you can get the exact setting you need for the job. This results in less stripped screws, less broken bits, and less frustration.

The two included lithium ion batteries are lightweight and won’t fade away as quickly as older models. They charge quickly so you won’t have to wait around for one to fill up, as long as you swap them out as you go. The trigger-activated LED work light is another great feature that just makes your life a whole lot easier. If you want the best electric drill that also has a ton of great features, this is a great option.

Notable Features: Very powerful, good battery life, LED work light, two batteries included
Key Specs: 620in/lbs torque, max. 1800RPM, 18V/1.5Ah batteries (Full specs here)


The Lightest Drill

Bosch DDB181

If you’re going to be using your tools for long periods of time (as almost all of you most likely will be), you’re going to inevitably get a little tired. At just 3lbs, this Bosch is the lightest and most compact model you can get your hands on. Being so

Being so lightweight, it allows you to get into those hard to reach areas much easier. And if you’re ever working often above your head like for electricians, HVAC techs or when working with drywall, this design will let you put in longer hours without fatigue or strain.

Despite being small and lightweight, it can still provide ample power. With a maximum torque of 350in/lbs and 1300RPM, this model is competitive with larger options. Of course, it’s not nearly the most powerful, but that may not be necessary for some jobs and that’s the tradeoff you should expect.

Battery life is great, since the two included lithium-ion 18V batteries hold a significant amount of charge. This lightweight tool is an awesome buy for household use and also for professionals who want something smaller and compact that easily fits in smaller pouches and kits and can be used in tighter areas.

Notable Features: Lightweight and compact, great battery life, LED work light, two batteries included
Key Specs: 350in/lbs torque, max. 1300RPM, 18V/1.5Ah batteries (Full specs here)


Best Battery Life


Makita XPH102

Makita tools are always in the consideration for top choices in any class, and this is no exception. What sets this Makita apart from the other drills on our list is the difference in their batteries. It uses 18V batteries similar to the others, but it is a 3.0Ah battery as opposed to 1.5Ah.

The Ah unit (amp-hour) is a measure of how long (in hours) a battery can provide a specified amount of current (standard is 1 amp). You won’t actually get 1.5 or 3.0 hours of use from either of these batteries because using the drill normally drains power at a faster rate than just one 1 amp. But, you CAN use the two numbers to compare between the two. In other words, a 3.0Ah battery should (all other things being equal) last twice as long as 1.5Ah battery, with the only drawback being they will be heavier due to the larger size. Besides its impressive battery life, the Makita still holds its own with a maximum torque of 600in/lbs and 1900RPM. The batteries charge quickly and the LED work light keeps your work illuminated. Overall this is an awesome choice for those that need the extra battery life and don’t want to spend time swapping batteries.

Notable Features: Longest lasting batteries, fast recharge, LED work light, single battery included
Key Specs: 400in/lbs torque, max. 1500RPM, 18V 3.0Ah battery (Full specs here)


Most Affordable

black and decker

Black & Decker LDX120C

Sometimes you don’t actually care about having the most powerful model or the longest lasting battery. While quality often decreases along with price, some folks may just need something to get the job done and aren’t as worried about how it may last over time or perform in more difficult scenarios. If that sounds like you, then this Black & Decker is potentially the choice for you. While it only produces 115in/lbs of torque and a maximum of 650RPMs, this is still enough power for most simple and basic household uses. Despite the smaller 1.0Ah battery, it still provides decent battery life since the drill itself draws less power. The plastic feels thin and cheap, but that’s just another area where you’re saving on price – as always, you get what you pay for. That being said, what it lacks in power and build quality, it makes up for with its lightweight and ergonomic design. While you shouldn’t expect anything close to a professional-grade tool, if you just need a simple and basic tool for light jobs around the house, this is a great affordable option.

Notable Features: Very affordable, lightweight, LED work light
Key Specs: 115in/lbs torque, max. 650RPM, 20V/1.0Ah battery (Full specs here)


Best 20V Cordless Drill


Dewalt DCD771C2

This drill doesn’t excel in any one particular category. Instead, it’s more of a jack of all trades. It’s got plenty of power, excellent battery life, high durability, and is still reasonably light weight.This Dewalt has a maximum torque of 300in/lbs and 1500RPM which is an ample amount of power for most jobs around the house and lighter

This Dewalt has a maximum torque of 300in/lbs and 1500RPM which is an ample amount of power for most jobs around the house and lighter work site needs. The 20V 1.3Ah batteries provide comparable battery life to the other 1.5Ah batteries on the list. There are two of the lithium-ion batteries included, so you can always have one charging and never stop working. And, at 3.6lbs it’s about the same weight as most of the others (not including the Bosch) though maybe slightly on the heavier side. And, like the others, it features a LED work light. Overall, for this combination of features and specifications at the price point, you won’t find much better.

Notable Features: Affordable, light and compact, powerful enough for most uses, LED work light
Key Specs: 300in/lbs torque, max. 1500RPM, 20V/1.3Ah batteries (Full specs here)